Luck is definitely something we can’t control

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Luck comes to the prepared, the saying goes. But what does it mean again? Do you need to have the right mindset? Always expect good things to happen? As much as we’d like to, we can’t control every aspect of our lives, and luck is definitely something we can’t control.

It’s a matter of possibility. Have you ever had a stroke of luck that took you by surprise? Maybe you found a bill on the street, or won an unexpected competition? The truth is, it can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone – luck is mostly about being in the right place, at the right time. Is there any chance we can learn something from them? Let’s find out.

Keychain Saves the Day


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The owner of a keychain almost experienced the worst thing you can experience but somehow the universe for some reason decided to smile only a bit of this aquatic person.

Instead of placing in the sewer canal, the car key was rescued by the skin of the keychain. First, they made a snapshot to show the world’s photographic sign of their crazy luck levels.


100% Chance of Double-Yolk Eggs

You can put together infinity by cracking another double Yolk egg.

How knowingly happiness that you find twice in a row double Yolker? Pretty crazy, right? Some could argue that this person unknowingly acquired a carton of double Yolk eggs, which appears logical.

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Regardless of whether this did the universe or the packaging system was, we can only introduce ourselves to the level of excitement that this person can halve after cutting each hard-boiled egg.


To Catch an ATM Skimmer

To catch an ATM, the skimmerthis story is not actually about the happiness of our hero, but those who would use the ATMs after him.



This person knew what they are looking for in an ATM before they use it, and one of the most atticest signs that the ATM has been surrounded is a hamy card reader. ATM skimmer are cost-effective objects that you can buy online.

They look like normal card reader, but should steal information along the magnetic strip.

Fortunately, our Hawk-Eyed Hero was able to remove the skimmer and save numerous others from falling into a classic trap.


Safety First

The security living on the wild side can consider helmets, goggles and knee pads as totally lame.

Do you know what is cooler to deduct as crazy stunts at the skatepark? Do not leave the skat park in an ambulance to fix your bones. If you do not believe that security can be cool, look at this picture.

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Imagine, you have imagined for a second how this person could last, he had not worn with his “uncool” glasses.

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In the best-case scenario he loses only the largest part of his vision of his right eye. Make sure that you wear the right PPE at any time, and try to be seamlessly on the good side of happiness.


A Flying Bat

During his son, who started a baseball match (the people still do it?), With the bat in the direction of the stalls with full speed no one could guess what would happen next.

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Fortunately, this father holds a Ph.D. In the super fast father reflex culture. By sticking out his arm, he held the 2-pound wood projective to beat the child’s face with the power of thousands of exploding suns.

If there is a prize for fathers, this dad deserves one million of them.


How Many Coins Does It Take to Stop a Bullet?

How many coins does it take to stop a ball? Four coins in an array stop a ball, but it’s best to keep six of them in their chest pocket.

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The coins in this picture were handed over by the father to the son, and they are now in the hands of the grandchild of the original owner.

The man whose life was saved from six coins did not come back from the war.

For some reason, the grandfather retained six coins in his pocket at any time in the bag in the war.

After being hit by a ball, he immediately checked his heart (his breast pocket) to find a warped ball and four coins that have seen better days.


Capturing the Perfect Moment

Capturing the perfect moment of perfect moment for a person can be a catastrophic moment for many others.

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In this case, the photographer experienced extreme luck level by grabbing this fantastic image of a wave that brewed on a barrier, and splashed several beach casts everywhere.

You have to admit the scene in this picture looks like something directly from a movie. We can not help, but to mention the total lack of care in the man right in front of the camera.


Buy a Soda, Get a Quarter Back

When watching a shaft, he break past the border of the coast, he simply looks that boggy will be wet without steering the smallest bit.

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Buy a soda, get a quarter-free Machiner with one of the most complicated state-of-the-art technologies. However, with the high number of machines, there is at least one slipup.


Missing Keys

Frash Tops for Teys are one of the easiest things that fail. They always disappear during the most important moments.



And for this person it was the bumper of her car.

Maybe there was a good-hearted passenger passers there, or maybe the car owner had left her there when he came to the car.


A Lucky Glitch in the Candy Bar Matrix

Luckily, no raccoons were around to take the shiny object and bury them in their underground nest.

A lucky glitch in the candebarra matrixwas you see here is not the transport of a successful Snicker factory stickup.

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At the cash register, the voucher gave a 100% discount on the purchase of Snickers.

29 Snicker’s bars is a lot, but if you had gone 50 or 100, you could have deducted the craziest, happiest, legal cande barbar-Heist of all time.


Cheeto of Liberty

Due To the irregular stamps used in snack manufacturing facilities, chips come in all types of shapes and sizes. Some weird-shaped chips are even sold online for extravagant prizes, so the next time they fight on their favorite salty snack, a moment to see it from all angles.

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Especially if the chip company offers a cash prize for the finder of a chip in a specific form.

In this case, the lucky finder would win a cool $ 20,000 for a statue of Liberty-Shaped Cheeto.

The Cheeto would most likely end up in the stomach some unsuspecting snacker, but not this time! And they say they do not do anything by doing something throughout the day An inch makes a difference, although meteorologists can predict heavy storms, many people may not take the right arrangements to make sure their things are not Blown or crushed.

An Inch Makes a Difference

The owner of this Peugeot falls into this category since he has parked his car directly closest (next to what?). Luck, however, can open up at any time, and his vehicle certainly saved from being metal scrap.



That is, with the exception of the length of the branch itself. The acidic patch totem pollog rubber is of course liable together.

This fan of sour patch children bought a tiny bag, did not expect to find a ruling of stacked sour rubbers in Totem pole fashion. A surprise, but still a welcome. As you can imagine, the rubber band of nature tasted as well as regular acid patch children.